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Produktkategorie: bimetallische Rohre


Since the invention of explosion welded clad in 1966, NobelClad has remained a driving force for the aluminum industry, providing strong bimetal pieces and innovative solutions for these challenging process environments.

NobelClad’s electrical transition joints, ETJ 3000, ETJ2000 and ETJ2001, maintain strength and electrical efficiency for long periods of time in demanding service applications at temperatures up to 500°C. Our products deliver unmatched reliability, while overcoming material design challenges with anode clad applications. 

In zinc electrolytic cells, when cathode design must keep maintenance costs down while maintaining highest operational efficiency, we combine our expertise in dissimilar metals and our design flexibility. 

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Produktkategorie: bimetallische Rohre

Cryogenic Transition Joints

NobelClad manufactures cryogenic transition joints for a broad range of critical services in ultra-low temperatures. Our proprietary explosion welding process ensures our cryogenic transition joints have the highest standards of leak-tight welds between aluminum and stainless steel.

Cryogenic transition joints are designed to join heat transfer equipment, liquified gas storage tanks and other equipment to transfer lines.

For air separation and other applications where oxygen is present, we offer transition products with a silver rather than a titanium interlayer.  No matter which version of our transition joints you select for your project, they will reflect NobelClad’s high quality standards.

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Produktkategorie: bimetallische Rohre

Structural Transition Joints

For over 50 years, marine, defense, train and automotive industries have benefited from NobelClad’s expertly welded clad bi-metal strips to provide mechanical fastener alternatives, superior welding, corrosion-resistance and fatigue strength.

As fully welded components, clad structural transition joints eliminate the risk of corrosion and eliminate the need for fasteners in design, while providing better lifetime durability and strength.

Many applications require an assembly between heterogeneous metal materials that cannot be assembled by thermal processes, due to a difference in melting temperature or due to chemical incompatibility. A structural transition joint is a bi-metal strip used as an intermediate piece to weld non-weldable structures.

Structural transition joints are generally cut from a flat plate.
Thickness range from 1 mm to 100 mm.
Maximum size of mother plates 4x12 meters.
More than 300 metals combinations are possible.
After saw cut or water jet cutting, different shapes of any sizes are possible (round, cylinders, beams, blocks).

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Über uns


A global expert in metal composite cladding, NobelClad is reimagining what is possible to reliably and safely solve complex material design challenges in the energy, industrial and infrastructure markets.

More than 50 years ago, we introduced explosive metal forming as an innovative technique to join dissimilar metals. Today, we remain the trusted leader in explosive welding and offer a broader range of customized, dissimilar metal solutions with added technologies, including weld overlay and roll bonding solutions.

At NobelClad, we collaborate with our customers from start to finish, by listening and offering our extensive metallurgical expertise, and creating solutions that will support their success. Our history and reputation for quality and integrity are why customers in the oil & gas, aerospace, transportation and construction industries continue to choose NobelClad.
"The bond strength produced by the DetaClad™ process is a benefit during the head-forming process. The strength of NobelClad’s explosive bonded clad makes it less likely that the cladder and backer will separate during the dishing and flanging processes associated with forming a head."

- Executive VP & General Manager, Brighton TruEdge