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16 Feb 2022


According to the motto #preparedfortheworldafter we will present projects and key topics including their advantages and customer benefits for you in the future. Because together we succeed!

With our best-in-class products and your trust, we are successful together!
In the recent months, we have been working intensively on many projects in order to move forward into a strong future together with our employees and customers.

According to the motto #preparedfortheworldafter we will present projects and key topics including their advantages and customer benefits for you in the future.

Join us in walking into an amazing future together and follow us!

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16 Feb 2022

CO2 savings with our sustainable logistics solutions

In 2020, 3,665 t of CO2 had been saved by rail instead of truck transport and further increases are planned. The material is also transported to us by train from our sister company in Donawitz, which is only 36km away.

To distribute our high-quality goods internationally overseas, voestalpine Tubulars uses liner/breakbulk ships because they produce less CO2.

Do it as we do and use the train as often as you can!

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16 Feb 2022

Environmentally friendly district heating from waste heat

Steel billets are heated to 1,300 degrees in the rotary hearth furnace to turn them into seamless high-tech tubes. This process generates a lot of waste heat, which until now could not be used to its full extent. Thanks to an innovative, cross-industry and partnership-based cooperation between the group of companies and voestalpine Tubulars, environmentally friendly district heating can now be made available for Kindberg. 

With the concept of the waste heat specialists from Köflach, up to 4,000 kW of waste heat can be extracted from this process. In detail, a dedicated heat exchanger with 1,536 water-bearing pipes will be installed upstream of the special chimney to be built for heat recovery. Via a dedicated pumping station on the premises of voestalpine Tubulars, the heat thus obtained will be made available to the new district heating network of the Kindberg municipality.

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