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  • 05  Prüftechnik, Sensorik und Qualitätssicherung für die Rohrindustrie
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  • 05.03.01  optische Prüfsysteme und Endoskope für Rohre

optische Prüfsysteme und Endoskope für Rohre

  • 05  Prüftechnik, Sensorik und Qualitätssicherung für die Rohrindustrie
  • 05.03  Produktprüfung
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Produktkategorie: optische Prüfsysteme und Endoskope für Rohre, Lehren

TubeInspect P16

Optical tube and wire measuring system for all tube lengths

TubeInspect P16 is the high-accuracy standard in non-contact tube measurement and considerably optimises manufacturing processes, e.g. the setup of bending machines, and significantly reduces costs through shortened setup times. The industrial-sized TubeInspect P16 merely requires that the tube to be measured is placed in an optical measuring cell. 16 high-resolution digital cameras with latest GigE technology accurately measure the tube’s geometry in a few seconds.

The geometry is reported in an easily understandable way that is as sheath tolerance. The measuring range of TubeInspect P16 is 2,600 mm x 1,250 mm x 700 mm and this can be extended by repositioning the tube. TubeInspect P16 measures tubes with diameters ranging from 3 mm to 200 mm. Bends between 1° and 340° can also be measured easily.

Your benefits
  • High-resolution digital cameras with latest GigE technology
  • Optimised camera positions for better capturing of piping geometries
  • Resistant, long-life and low-maintenance LED illumination technology
  • Highly precise and long-term stable 3D reference of glass components
  • Fast results after only 5 - 20 seconds (depends on tube length)
  • User-independent results
  • Replaces mechanical gauges
  • Industrial-suited construction, applicable in production
  • Non-contact measurement, works without clamping devices
  • Suitable for all materials

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Produktkategorie: optische Prüfsysteme und Endoskope für Rohre, Lehren

TubeInspect P8

Near-instant high-end measurement

TubeInspect P8 was especially developed for the efficient quality control of bent tubes and wires less than 1,000 mm long from end to end and with a maximum diameter of 100 mm. Eight high-resolution cameras with latest GigE technology ensure an almost synchronic capture of the measuring object within milliseconds. The innovative three-dimensional glass reference is highly precise and long-term stable.

Sheath tolerance can be determined to an accuracy of up to 0.035 mm. Measuring results are provided within 2 to 5 seconds. Considerably optimised production processes, e.g. the setup of bending machines, save time and costs. Combined with the software platform BendingStudio, the system offers various application-oriented functionalities.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, TubeInspect P8 fulfills highest requirements regarding accuracy and speed. The long-life and low-maintenance LED illumination technology guarantees a particularly smooth illumination of the measuring field.

Your benefits:
  • High-resolution digital cameras with latest GigE technology
  • Optimised camera positions for better capturing of piping geometries
  • Resistant, long-life and low-maintenance LED illumination technology
  • Highly precise and long-term stable 3D reference of glass reference
  • Applicable as optical gauge – saves costs for mechanical gauges
  • Mobile use in production environment
  • Fits onto a euro-pallet – reduces transport costs and floor space
  • Suitable for all materials

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Produktkategorie: Biegesoftware


The software platform for all data and processes around manufacturing of bended parts

The BendingStudio software platform links all data and process around the production of bent parts – from design and process planning to manufacturing and quality control. BendingStudio is the only tool to meet and combine these requirements with an emphasis on metrological processes.

With clear actual-nominal value comparison allowing for fast evaluation, the implementation of multiple inspection plans with individual measurement criteria for each part, and the presentation of results remaining the same no matter the origin of the data, BendingStudio is the complete package for complex analysis and management of tube and wire production.

With the capacity to work with measurement input from both AICON TubeInspect and Absolute Arm systems, BendingStudio is a key part of any tube and wire manufacturing toolkit.

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Produktkategorie: optische Prüfsysteme und Endoskope für Rohre, Lehren

BendingStudio with Absolute Arm

Faster tube and wire measurement made portable

Combining the BendingStudio software platform with Absolute Arm laser scanning hardware delivers unmatched speed and flexibility to the tube and wire production industry. BendingStudio with Absolute Arm brings the speed, quality and portability of 3D laser scanning to bear on the challenges of reliably producing shaped tube and wire products.

It delivers both the speed of high-quality 3D laser scanning – with tube geometry digitisable with only a few quick sweeps of the 3D laser scanner – and the extreme flexibility of portable measuring arm technology, which can be quickly situated at any point at which measurements need to be made.

Your benefits:
  • Collect accurate tube and wire geometry data without scanning the entire tube surface
  • Functional as an optical tube gauge for flexible, malleable tubes of any length and of diameter up to 300 millimetres
  • Accurate scanning on tubes of a wide variety of materials, colours and surfaces
  • Go beyond bending points and bending data to more accurate measures of sheath deviation
  • Communicate corrections directly to the CNC bending machine
  • Automatic correction of self-weight deformation effects in thin or elastic workpieces
  • Highly portable system suitable for tube and wire measurement in any place needed
  • Repeatable, user-independent measurement results
  • High-definition scanning delivers incredibly fast determination of full tube and wire geometries
  • Easy measurement of in situ parts in hard to reach areas
  • Modular wrist allows total control during measurement

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Produktkategorie: Biegesoftware


Specialist software for tube measurement, gauging and bending machine control

Created specifically for the Absolute Arm, TubeShaper brings user-friendly inspection to the tube manufacturing sector.

Designed to maximise production efficiency and reduce scrap, features such as offline licensing, direct import of CAD models and an intuitive modern graphical interface allow tubes to be designed, checked and corrected with speed and precision.

Offering a state-of-the-art user interface, TubeShaper enables you to fully harness the measurement power and versatility of the Absolute Arm for all tube inspection applications. Non-contact tube probes allow even soft rubber tubes to be measured, while tactile probes can also be used to reverse engineer or inspect complete tube fixtures. Uniquely, TubeShaper also allows for measurement of rectangle-section tubes.

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Advanced tube measurement with new TubeShaper update

Leading metrology software and hardware developer Hexagon today released a much-anticipated update to tube design, analysis and production platform TubeShaper. This new version delivers important new functionalities to customers in tube and pipe manufacturing, including inspection of rectangle-section tubes and new reporting functionality. TubeShaper v2 also offers an innovative new licensing concept that makes it more economical for multiple users to share measurement results and bending plans across different locations.

Under this new licensing concept, a new low-price ‘offline’ licence allows production supervisors, engineers and designers to work on TubeShaper projects separately from operators measuring tubes on the shop floor so that more tasks can run concurrently, saving time as well as minimising software investment.

“Efficiency is key in tube production because the volumes are so high, so with this new version of TubeShaper we have focused on how we can help our customers save time,” says Anthony Vianna, Product Manager for Portable Measuring Arms at Hexagon. “The new offline licence is designed to allow design teams to create and plan measurements without creating bottlenecks that disturb the operators on the shop floor.”

With this update, the wide range of benders with which TubeShaper is compatible has been expanded and covers machines from market leaders including Eaton Leonard, BLM, Addition MT, Numalliance and more.

This new version of TubeShaper still features the wide range of popular features that have made it an industry leader since the platform was first launched in 2015, including spring-back management and in-bend measurements for more accurate results in deep or shallow bends. The unique ‘sketch’ function allows users to create a first tube from just a few digitised hard points, while automatic report creation ensures that results can be shared instantaneously to any location.

TubeShaper v2 is available for purchase immediately; contact your local Hexagon representative for more information.

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