Thanks to the consolidated experience gained in the implementation of individual plants CARTACCI Ltd offers to its customers complete finishing lines.
Among other facilities, as straightening machines for bars that are destined to Argentina and Mexico, CARTACCI has currently in production 2 complete finishing lines designed for one important Italian customer: one for the production of cylinders, with diameters up to 235 mm and the other one for the production of shock absorbers, with diameters up to 70 mm: both lines are including pointing machine, drawing, straightening, cutting, chamfering, control, bundling, drainage, weighing and automatic wrapping systems. This equipment with innovative solutions has been designed to limit handling and storage, both to ensure high productivity and quality of surface finish and to limit the use of manual interventions of operators thanks to its entirely computer-based systems.
Moreover, Cartacci recently introduced its straightening equipment to Canada. This straightening machine and its handling equipment have been designed for welded tubes with upset ends, with a straightening process in hot conditions (till 650°C). Operation of the straightener is based upon sophisticated logic and advanced technological solutions.
On the market where more and more companies offer machines that actually are not part of their wealth of experience, CARTACCI managed to accomplish the finishing lines that represent the synthesis of the natural process of technical development that the company has pursued for more than forty years.