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Simufact Engineering GmbH releases version 9.0 of forming simulation environment Simufact.forming

New release offers a multitude of improvements and aims at new applications in forming technology

Hamburg, October 29th, 2009 – Simufact Engineering GmbH, a leading provider of software and services in the area of bulk metal forming, has finalized version 9.0 of Simufact.forming, its powerful integrated massive forming solution. The new version will be send to customers and interested parties starting the end of October. The new version includes more than 100 new features and improvements which will ease in practice the user’s work of creating robust and reliable simulation models. Close attention has been hereby paid especially on further improvement of the characteristics and functions appreciated by existing customers, i. e. the ease of use of the software environment, a short learning phase, and a practical oriented approach to process simulation.

In the 9.0 release of the software, the powerful "Dual-Solver Technology" was further developed and offers users the possibility to access the latest solver technologies of MSC.Marc and MSC.Dytran from MSC Software. In addition, the new version focuses on the new application modules (open die and radial forging processes, ring rolling as well as sheet metal forming) available with this version, which allow a fully automated process simulation, including optimized meshing strategies.

In this context, the newly developed "ring mesher" offers a very efficient possibility to execute simulations of any forming process with axial parts. This mesher delivers very accurate results and a precise geometry with a minimum of elements, providing considerable advantages especially in rolling processes. Also for the first time available is the "sheet mesher", which allows the powerful simulation of sheet metal forming, starting with a 3D CAD model of the blank sheet. The new mesher delivers a perfect form of the forming part, based on the high-precision hexahedron technology with a minimum of elements. Possible applications are forming processes of sheet metal used in structural components such as in the automotive industry. This technology, in combination with the available further developments in the definition of complex kinematics, is ideally suited for a use in spin and flow forming process applications.
The parallelization, introduced in version 8.1, has been now enhanced and offers the possibility to calculate finite element simulations much faster using the so called "domain decomposition method". As with the entire product, Simufact laid its development focus also here especially on the ease of use of the software.

Last but not least the new release offers also enhancements for the simulation of cold massive forming, forging, and any kind of rolling processes.
"We are pleased to introduce and deliver the latest version of simufact.forming to our customers", said Michael Wohlmut, Managing Director at Simufact Engineering GmbH. "The new modules for special applications with complex tool kinematics and controls expand the possible application areas of our software Simufact.forming 9.0 significantly and underline once more Simufacts role as a technology leader in forming simulation."
"The new version of our software environment includes more than 100 new features to ease the every day work processes of our users in practice," said Dr. Hendrik Schafstall, Managing Director and CTO at Simufact Engineering GmbH. "Especially the new possibilities of parallelization in combination with the fully automated re-meshing of the models will bring our customers in the position to deliver more precise results in less time."
About the Simufact product family
Within the Simufact software environment, the user can access different application modules for different production areas. The Simufact Environment includes different software modules, among others Simufact.forming, the module for forming simulation, which has a modular system to be combined individually for every need. Simufact.forming integrates the products MSC.SuperForm and MSC.SuperForge, formerly developed and distributed by MSC.Software and is based on the standards of the MSC.Marc and MSC.Dytran solver technology.

About Simufact Engineering GmbH
The Hamburg, Germany based Simufact Engineering GmbH supports its customers as a solution provider for production technology, offering optimization and production process design by process simulation. In addition, Simufact Engineering GmbH provides optimization of formed parts through structural analysis. With Simufact.forming, Simufact Engineering GmbH generates and markets a global industry solution for metal forming. The company also specializes in service, offering individual solutions to customers’ production problems using state-of-the-art CAE tools. Training and technical support for software use complete Simufact’s offerings. Simufact customers come from all areas of bulk metal forming technology: forging, cold massive forming, rolling, sheet metal forming and mechanical joining. For more information, please visit

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