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Simufact Engineering GmbH and Presstec Pressentechnologie GmbH sign technology partnership

Combined know-how from both companies provides customers with optimal solution for press technology and the forming process itself

Hamburg, February 3rd, 2010 – Simufact Engineering GmbH, a leading provider of software and services in the area of bulk metal forming and Presstec Pressentechnologie GmbH, a provider of hydraulic presses and mechanical high-speed blanking and stamping presses, today announced a new partnership which aims to provide customers with the substantiated know-how of both of the companies.

Customers will soon benefit from the advantages of this technological partnership. Within the development of new machines as well as in the tuning of existing machines, customers will now have the opportunity to optimize forming processes and adjust them to their equipment. The immense advantage shows full potential especially in the area of press tuning. Prior to production, users can now determine whether a special forming process can be implemented and how an optimized process has to look like. Additionally, Simufact Engineering GmbH supports Presstec's activities at the department of material engineering, Technical College Offenburg by providing the needed forming simulation software Simufact.forming. Future forming engineers can use the software freely to simulate forming processes in a practical simulation environment and are able to optimize processes.

"We are very pleased about the new partnership with Presstec GmbH," said Michael Wohlmuth, managing director, Simufact Engineering GmbH. "For customers it is of growing importance not to only look at their forming processes, they need to consider the entire system. Our new partnership with Presstec is taking this into account and will enable the industry branch to use their equipment in an optimal way."

"The know-how of Simufact in forming simulation and our experience in the design and optimization of presses is an ideal combination," said Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Blättner, managing director, Presstec group. "Our customers can now gain a much deeper and better understanding of their forming processes and are able to adjust them to the existing equipment. The combined know-how of this partnership meets the customer’s needs much better and more widespread than before."

About the Simufact product family
Within the Simufact software environment, the user can access different application modules for different production areas. The Simufact Environment includes different software modules, among others Simufact.forming, the module for forming simulation, which is a modular system to be combined individually for every need. Simufact.forming is based on the standards of the MSC.Marc and MSC.Dytran solver technology from MSC.Software.

About Presstec Pressentechnologie GmbH
As a mid-sized company with about 100 employees, Presstec offers the opportunity to respond in a cost-effective, flexible and quick way to cutomers’ requests. The offered business activities include new development of hydraulic presses for bulk metal forming according to customers’ requirements, mechanical high-speed stamping presses and automated mechanical blanking and stamping presses.
In addition the company provides specially tailored repairs, part overhauls and complete modernization projects for hydraulic and mechanical presses of all brands and respectively for their automation, both in mechanical and in electro-technical fields. Furthermore, Presstec serves its customers with a spare parts quick service for bulky parts up to 100 tons parts weight. Additional services are also available such as on site repair, on site machining, repair welding, technical advises, engineering, training, expertise and inspection for accident prevention according to European regulations. For more information, please visit:

About Simufact Engineering GmbH
The Hamburg, Germany based Simufact Engineering GmbH supports its customers as a solution provider for production technology, offering optimization and production process design by process simulation. In addition, Simufact Engineering GmbH provides optimization of formed parts through structural analysis. With Simufact.forming, Simufact Engineering GmbH generates and markets a global industry solution for metal forming. The company also specializes in service, offering individual solutions to customers’ production problems using state-of-the-art CAE tools. Training and technical support for software use complete Simufact’s offerings. Simufact customers come from all areas of bulk metal forming technology: forging, cold massive forming, rolling, sheet metal forming and mechanical joining. For more information, please visit

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