Durit Hartmetall GmbH

Longer tool lives - shorter cycles

Shaving Steel

DURIT presents tailored cemented carbide tools for drawing tubes, rods, profiles and wire. The diverse product rage includes drawing dies, nibs, plugs, drawing mandrels as rolling and profiling tools, drawing jaws, straightening tools, infeed tools as well as shaving steels for welding seams. All products are produced form different cemented carbide grades in our in-house production and feature precise edges, high wear resistance and long useful lives.

The shaving steels for the welding seams are coated with the new in-house developed PVD-coating ‘Galaxy’. This coating enables the use of the tools at temperatures of more than 1000° C. It has a high hardness and corrosion resistance even at extreme temperatures. The combination of premium cemented carbide and PVD-coating reduces friction and adhesive powers. The performance of the tools is yet increased. That leads to shorter cycles in the tube production.

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