Durit Hartmetall GmbH

Cemented carbide- variety and precision

Headquarters of DURIT Hartmetall GmbH

DURIT focuses on the material cemented carbide. The family-owned business is located in Germany, Portugal and Brazil and gained its know-how in development and productions of tools and components made of this wear resistant material over decades. The current range of products includes more than 50 different cemented carbide grades. All levels of production starting with the powder, followed by the blanks, finished with the final product are performed by DURIT, thereby ensuring an excellent quality by making use of the latest production processes.
Besides the classic fields of application like forming and tube production, cemented carbide is advancing in engineering components:
“The combination of high pressure-resistance and wear protection of cemented carbide is unbeatable”, says Heinz-Achim Kordt, head of DURIT’s technical department. “That is what makes the difference for our customers who have increasing requirements for efficiency and profitability”.
DURIT produces tailored, high precise tools and components adapted to individual requirements for almost every branch of industry.
The customer-faced product development leads to continuous innovations at DURIT.
The company presents a new cemented carbide grade with a high thermal resistance for hot forming at wire & tube. In the field of tube production the shaving steels for the welding seams are coated with the in-house developed PVD-coating ‘Galaxy’, so that ideal results can be realized even at extreme temperatures.

DURIT Hartmetall GmbH, wire & tube 2010
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