Now even faster: our 6 m plate pipe production for urgent requirements

Do you need duplex pipes for urgent repairs? Do you have to cover shortages of thick-walled pipes at short notice? Do you need pipes in special sizes as quickly as possible? BUTTING can now supply individual solutions to all these problems.

Since stainless steels were first developed, the production of high-quality longitudinally welded pipes has been the focal point of our business.
When longitudinally welded stainless steel pipes are required, even in small numbers or in special sizes or materials, BUTTING manufactures them from steel plate. BUTTING has enlarged its stocks of the necessary pre-materials, to guarantee that we can satisfy individual pipe requirements with short delivery times at a high level of quality.

As well as the standard materials, 1.4541 and 1.4571, our store also includes steel plates of TP 304L and TP 316L. To cover your urgent requirements, we can produce pipes with wall thicknesses from 6.35 mm to 12.7 mm.
In addition, we have specialised in storing steel plate in duplex or superduplex. We can within a very short time manufacture duplex pipes (UNS 31803 or UNS 32205) for you in wall thicknesses from 4.78 to 22.7 mm.
Superduplex steel plates (UNS S32760) in wall thicknesses from 4.78 mm to 12.7 mm are in store for the quickest possible delivery in sizes specific to your project. These newly stored steel plates mean that the store now comprises around 300 t.

In this area of production BUTTING uses not only the traditional TIG, Plasma-TIG and submerged arc welding technologies, we are also one of the few manufacturers in Europe to use the effective electron beam welding technology.

BUTTING places great emphasis on the excellent quality of the products we supply: We offer only top-quality pipes, nothing less! To ensure the best possible surface condition, only top quality pre-materials are used and the pipes are all supplied pickled and passivated.

You too should bank on BUTTING for your urgent pipe requirements in future: See for yourself how flexible we are!

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