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A brand new product revolutionizes tube production and significantly reduces cost!

The demand of the tube manufacturing industry for need-based new system developments for high quality, durable special tools for safe and efficient I.D.-scarfing of HF longitudinally welded tubes is growing stronger and stronger.

Progress requires ideas and experience. “That is why the latest Blissenbach innovation has put us in the vanguard again and why we are sharing a significant technological edge with our customers: an innovative seam monitoring device, used in combination with our I.D.-scarfing tools, is revolutionizing the production of HF longitudinally welded tubes, increasing process security as well as tube quality, and also results in remarkable cost savings.“

It is a matter of fact, that even the best cutting ring will become dull eventually and that the cutting ring may be damaged by the cross weld. However, it is finally a thing of the past that the damage will only be discovered at the conclusion of the tube production process or after cutting the tube to its final length. Cutting edge chipping, scarfing depth, as well as misalignment of weld edges due to imprecise forming will now be closely monitored with our new product feature, thus significantly reducing the amount of defective work.

The underlying principle: the area of the removed weld bead is mechanically scanned by a so-called trigger roll. The information is then transformed into digital signals and visualized on a display. Our engineers took great care to filter out disturbance values, created by the high frequency alternating field, in order to obtain exact measurements. The machine operator can view the state of the removed weld bead as well as that of the tube profile. “That proves: With Blissenbach you see everything – and save as well. Not by doing without – but by using your head.“