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As we all know the metal market fluctuates with the supply and demand of pure metal in the manufacturing industries. With the fast economy development of foreign growing countries the recycling and metal chip processing is more important than ever. Environmental policies developed by governments of various countries according to EU directives and similar push the industries toward investments in equipment designed for the purpose above mentioned, helping them to bring significant economies of scale and develop an awareness of the savings.
In the field of machining, for example, the treatment of processing waste coming from CNC machines is a difficult aspect to be managed. Metal chips, whether aluminum, brass, steel, titanium or other alloys, must be treated according to specific rules dictated by both legislative and economic requirements.
Very sensitive to all these aspects, Violi Srl has developed chip processing equipments that allow you to turn the chips into almost solid metal briquettes using hydraulic high compression technology in a small chamber.
The big advantages are:
• Metal turnings and chips from machining operations are reduced in volume. The approximate reduction for Aluminum is 6:1; Steel is 3:1; copper, brass, cast iron 2:1, depending on the chip size. Briquettes require dramatically less space, up to 80%. The result is more room for production and other, more profitable uses. Better chip handling and processing makes sense, not only as a means to recover lost profits in materials but also from better use of space.
• The compact metal is sold to your scrap processor or broker for more money. They may have direct relations/trust with worldwide smelters and foundries who accept these pucks as close to solid form, which means they get more from re-melting than if they re-melt chips.
The more weight you have in scrap, the higher the price at market. In addition, a metal chip briquetter provides essential fluid reduction that metal compacting briquetting alternatives cannot.
• Very high reduction of transportation costs. Less volume means less space and big advantages in terms of shipping solutions.
In order to maximize efficiency and increase profits, chip briquetting is one of the best solutions for the management and resale of scrap metals. Whether you are interested in reducing the expense of handling materials, or you are looking to turn a profit on scrap metal recycling, briquetting presses that are designed especially for metal briquetting can help your business make the most of its scrap metals. A complete system is made of:
1. A conveyor (optional) to transport the chips into the briquetter, or for conveyance out to a loading bin
2. A cart Dumpers (optional) to hydraulically dump carts into the metal chip processing briquetter
3. A hydraulic shredder to size stringy turnings into manageable pieces for chip processing
4. A compacting chamber with double hydraulic piston to compact the chips
5. Coolant Recovery Systems complete with pump, to turn the coolant that is squeezed from the scrap metal into re-useable coolant
6. A hydraulic unit complete with control panel, oil container and high pressure pump.
The process is easy and fully automatic; after stringy turnings are loaded into a hopper from a loading system, they are shredded using high resistance metal cutter knifes to turn them into chips ready to be pushed into the compressing chamber. Two synchronized pistons, activated by the hydraulic circuit, make the high pressure compacting process inside a small chamber. Upon reaching a predetermined compaction pressure the briquette is automatically ejected; the fluid coming from the process is collected into a container provided with recycling pump. VM/CIT1 can make 150 briquettes per hour with a production capacity of 70-80 kilos of Aluminum and 200/250 kilos of steel. The briquette has a diameter of 60 mm and a maximum height of 80 mm. The maximum pressure applied is 3700 kg/cm2.
The Violi srl metal chip compactor will make your scrap metal a money making portion of your business!