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SAP's Crystal Reports enhances Cable Design

Cimteq, the supplier of the cable design software CableBuilder, signed a partnership agreement with SAP to turbo-boost their software's ability to generate professional reports, manufacturing instructions and on-line catalogues.

CableBuilder the popular Cable Design software that is used by wire and cable manufacturers worldwide for design, quotations, costing, datasheets, etc. now contains an integrated reporting engine in the form of Crystal Reports.

Crystal reports software enables CableBuilder users to easily design interactive reports and use them as a template to format CableBuilder data. These reports can be static or interactive and can cover a variety of purposes, from manufacturing instructions to datasheets to quotation performance analysis.

Crystal Reports biggest benefit to the CableBuilder user is its drag-and-drop user interface which is a familiar and convenient environment that is similar to the majority of word processing applications. A secondary, but a very important feature, is its ability to generate PDF, Microsoft Office, and HTML documents at the touch of a button from the same user defined report format, hence reducing the time and cost of reporting.

Nick Hirst, an implementation consultant at Cimteq, was asked to comment on the effect of Crystal Report integration into CableBuilder in the latest implementation. He said; 'Crystal Reports has enabled the customer to generate manufacturing instruction reports with better formatting and more precise information hence reducing ambiguity and eliminating some of the causes of scrap and rework'.