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At TUBE 2010 EMAG will be presenting their new generation of USC machines for the threading of tubings and casings

Complete-machining of tubes on USC machines of left- and rig

At EMAG, constantly increasing customer demands on manufacturing quality and material properties prove consistent with the company’s ongoing developments in the area of thread cutting machines. The basis of the EMAG success story is the company’s extensive know-how gained in 30 years of machine tool manufacture - during which over 5,000 machines left their works – and their in-depth knowledge of everything to do with TCO. This also applies to the new generation of USC machines. The machine concept is characterised by – among other features – the principle of the „rotating tube“. It allows for optimal external and complete internal machining of, for example, integral tube connectors – with an absolute minimum of setting effort. Another outstanding feature of the USC series of machines is their innovative 5-axis machining process, which offers immense advantages in cycle times and machining quality, when compared to traditional methods. A decisive advantage of the new generation of USC machines is their sturdy construction. All primary machine modules are in MINERALIT®, which makes them well above-average in rigidity and vibration resistance – an absolute must when it comes to the weight and dynamics of the tubes to be machined.

EMAG in-house developed and manufactured front and rear end chucks provide visible proof of the stability and efficiency of the thread cutting operation. The result is a thread profile of such mirror-like, high-precision quality as has not been seen before. With their USC machines EMAG offers tailor-made solutions for all types of thread to be found in the OCTG sector – API, GOST, etc. – and for proprietary premium threads of the highest quality, produced at shortest possible cycle times.
The newly developed, highly dynamic 5th axis is of compact construction and optimal functionality and features centring, vibration damping, end cover and tube stop units.

The integral direct drives of the work spindles offer power savings on tube acceleration and deceleration, are maintenance-free and constant in temperature, with their downstream energy recovery system offering another 30% saving – a pretty important year-on-year costing factor. Chipping rates of 3,500 cm³ and chip cross sections of 18 mm² demonstrate the efficiency of the USCs.

EMAG also offers dynamic loading and transport systems for tubes of up to 16 m length. Loading times of less than 20 seconds (including acceleration and deceleration of the main spindle) are indeed unrivalled. Another highlight is the steadies – closing around the smaller diameter tubes, and open-top, vibration- damping ones for the larger diameters. EMAG offers its worldwide clientele machines and complete finishing lines from a single source – from engineering to project planning and implementation. With over 20 sales, service and engineering organisations worldwide EMAG provides excellent sales and after-sales support.

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