HEATform GmbH

Beyond the limits of Hydroforming - Crash Safety System Structural Member

Together with Alcoa the showed part was produced as a double part (left-right pair) using a pre-bent, chamber extruded aluminum oval tube in AL 6082 alloy. The high forming degrees illustrated are enabled by the HEATform process.
The parts are cut and machined resulting in a left/right car set for shipping to the end customer.
HEATforming was selected as the method of choice for volume production of this space frame component instead of the alternative of a multi-piece sheet aluminum fabrication with a steel inner reinforcement. The resulting HEATformed part has excellent crash performance without sacrificing weight or section size.
With the developed heat treatment process for this application, the required material strength properties of Rm >340 Mpa and elongation of A5>10% have been achieved.
(Karl, I would consider adding this to the last paragraph after “achieved.” “HEATforming’s unique processing is friendly to material grain structure, allowing great flexibility in tailoring material properties to meet performance needs”)