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The nation's counters

Lorry toll bridges gather not only any amount of data, but also any amount of money. This is because all kilometers driven by domestic and foreign lorries on German motorways are thoroughly calculated. Backing up the untiring inspectors is the latest measurement and telemetry technology. And to ensure no mistake is made while counting and accounting, an Elastollan® cable sheath protects the sensitive inner workings of the complex data cables.
Ernst & Engbring (E&E) in Oer-Erkenschwick, Westphalia, runs one of the most modern cable factories in Europe with 260 employees. Here, compact systems are emerging in which any amount of single cables such as power and data leads can be stored in a single, easyto- assemble, space-saving round cable. The system could be used for everything from leads for mains and safe voltage to coax cables for sensitive analogue signals and FO for fast data transfer, to media hoses for hydraulic or pneumatic systems. Every tailored E&E cable is an original designed exclusively for its intended application. Because the complex hybrid cables for the toll systems had to be manufactured and produced in 70 varieties, the project was nothing short of a technical and logistical masterpiece. Over 40,000 modules were supplied, in which up to 35 different cable elements were stored in one system lead.

Toll cables are not only incredibly intelligent, their Elastollan sheathes mean they also absorb dirt On their bridges, where dust, exhaust fumes and changeable weather are part of the rough daily routine, the toll cables are extremely well protected. In order to shield them from wind and weather, E&E decided, with regard to the sheathing, on the optimized polymer solution. Elastollan® is a highly stable special thermoplastic, which still performs brilliantly in the most unpleasant environment. This was proven in extensive tests, in which resistance to ozone, microbes, oil, dampness and weather, for example, was examined under the hardest conditions. Always with the same unequivocal result: under these conditions there can only be one Elastollan! Any other material wouldn t have stood a chance.

Toll cable Facts
Material: Elastollan® thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers
Application: cable sheathing for lorry toll terminals
Features: non-abrasive, hydrolysis and microbe resistant, flexible, tear and impact resistant