Häfner & Krullmann GmbH, Kunststoff-Verarbeitungswerk

Häfner introduces take-apart cable reels

Demopac Easy twist assembly by hand

Leopoldshöhe, March 2010: DEMOPAC® -2 piece take-apart reels, allowing flexible winding widths, reducing required warehouse space, being environmentally friendly due to reduced freight volumes, giving many economical advantages to the cable manufacturers.

At the wire 2010, Hafner will introduce the DEMOPAC® 385 product range. The new innovative packaging reel for the cable industry has 2 halves each consisting of a flange and a cone, which can be assembled with an easy twist by hand. The barrel has a bi-conical shape with regular flat flanges.

All the spools have a common flange diameter of 385mm and a cone diameter of 140mm. Hafner offers the DEMOPAC® 385-60 and the DEMOPAC® 385-180. Variations of the two halves allow a combination of 3 alternative winding widths of 120, 240 and 360mm. The reels are designed for automatic winders and have anti slip pins on the flange to secure safe stacking of the reels.

The conical shaped barrel allows for a very compact stacking of the spool halves. The number of transported spools is three fold in comparison to conventional reels.
This does not only reduce transport costs, but also reduces the emission of carbon dioxide.

As well as the DEMOPAC® reels, Hafner will take the opportunity to showcase some of their latest product developments, these include:

▪ MIG wire reels for automatic winding.
▪ 500mm dia delivery spools for the enamelled copper wire industry.
▪ Precision delivery spools for the photovoltaic industry.
▪ Dismountable flanges and barrel up to 1000mm dia for metal tapes, stampings and tubes.
▪ Germ free spools for medical technology.

Hafner presents its wide product range during the international trade show wire 2010 taking place from 12th to16th April in Düsseldorf in Hall 9, Booth A 25