Tru-Cut Saw offers high performance tube cutting TCT saw blades.

BRUNSWICK, OH – Tru-Cut Saw, Inc. is now offering its “Aggressor- XL” line of thin kerf, carbide tipped saw blades for cutting tube, pipe and solid ferrous materials in flying cutoff and re-cutting applications. Available with carbide and cermet inserts, these PVD coated blades offer huge performance gains over high-speed steel and friction saws.

As the name suggests, Aggressor-XL blades cut fast–up to 1500 SFM. Test data on a 350mm x 2.8mm x 100 tooth blade running at 250 RPM achieved a 3.7 sec. cut time and was able to cut six square meters of 52100 bearing steel!

A special chip breaker on the face of inserts allows faster chip removal and more aggressive cutting speeds.

Tru-Cut Saw is the only circular saw blade manufacturer in the U.S. with its own PVD coating chamber. This allows the company to tightly control coating quality and uniformity, and allows adjustments for individual customer applications.

“We customize saw blades and mounting patterns to individual customer requirements and provide them with the exact blade for the job.”

Tru-Cut Saw is exhibiting at Tube 2010 in Dusseldorf, April 12th-16th , 2010.

Tru-Cut Saw offers a full range saw blades and services for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous materials:
• Custom and standard carbide tipped saws up to 3 meters
• Segmental saws, Friction Saws
• High speed steel saws from 100 to 600 mm (M2, Premium Nitrite & M35 Cobalt)
• Solid carbide saws available from stock
• Repair and regrinding services.
• PVD coated drills, taps, milling cutters etc.