Bigger, faster, better – the BUTTING standard pipe components store

What makes a well-run pipe component store?
Rapid availability, a wide selection of products and attractive service provision are certainly part of the story. Also important are constant checks on quality and sizes in relation to customers’ requirements.
From the individual order for an urgent repair job to a far-reaching enhancement of the store: BUTTING continuously has around 3,000 t of stainless steel pipes available in more than 15 material grades in our open-air storage area, 20,000 m² in size.
In addition to pipes measuring from DN 15 to DN 600, we also store 90° type 3 elbows in the standard qualities, 1.4541 and 1.4571. We can also offer you pipes complying with ASTM A312 and ASTM A358 in 6 m and 11.8 m lengths and sizes ranging from 2“ up to 24“, with wall thicknesses of 10 S and sometimes 40 S in our standard stock. We can also offer our customers duplex pipes complying with ASTM A928 in sizes from OD 33.7 mm to OD 323.9 mm from our own store or that of our storage partners – in Germany, the Witte company– at short notice; and also pipes made from the material 1.4539 from DN 25 to DN 300 complying with ASTM A312/DIN EN 10217-7.
Only recently, we increased our stock of pipes made from the material 1.4404 in sizes from DN 15 to DN 600, in order to satisfy the requests from our customers in the chemical industry. In this context, initial framework contracts have already been signed. Recently, the range of sizes available was significantly extended including DIN EN 10217-7 TC 2.
The continuous manufacture of special sizes and fixed lengths is also possible from current production.

BUTTING places great emphasis on the excellent quality of the products we supply: We offer only top-quality pipes, nothing less! To ensure the best possible surface condition, the pipes are all supplied pickled and passivated. Up to size DN 100 they are also heat-treated.

In addition to our extensive product range, we of course also offer you a wide variety of services. Comprehensive advice on materials, order-specific prefabrication of the products in stock (ends or laser treatment, circumferential welding, special descriptions etc.) or packaging to conform to requirements are only a few points to mention here. We can also offer you a wide variety of acceptance possibilities.