Emmedi Welding & Annealing Division of Saet S.p.A.

EMMEDI presents MosWeld

On the occasion of Tube Dusseldorf 2010 EMMEDI, the Welding & Annealing Division of SAET GROUP, displays a Solid state High Frequency Welder MOSWELD.
Innovative solutions include:
 Efficiency higher than 85%
 Modular MOSFET Based Inverter with a very robust design
 Power components not subject to obsolescence due to standard components
 Very easy maintenance
 Load short circuit proof
 Very compact design
 Very simple inductor coils design
 Remote process checking
 Output Frequencies available from 150 up to 450 kHz.
MOSWELD is available in sizes from 100 to 1000 kW.
In the last months several MOSWELD High Frequency Welders have been successfully installed worldwide by SAET EMMEDI.