Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG, Walter

XXL Clamps with Modular System

At the Tube 2010 to be held in Düsseldorf in April, Stauff will be launching two lines of tube and pipe clamps for XXL applications. Pipe clamps in the ‘heavy’ series to DIN 3015 are intended for securing tubes and pipes with outside diameters of up to 406 mm. The clamp bodies and fastening components can be configured to suit the individual application. The user can select between various clamp body materials as well as different mounting and fastening techniques. One advantage of the ‘heavy’ series is that its design and recess shape ensure a very high retention force.
The engineering class is worth considering when the pipes to be fastened have a diameter of up to 800 mm. These clamps consist of two U-shaped welded structures, plastic jaws for holding the pipe, and two M30 bolts for tensioning. The clamps are available in types KS (standard), DKS for extra heavy pipes (two KS clamps welded in tandem), as well as KSV and DKSV (anchor-bolt fastening).
The clamp is made of primed steel St37, which can be hot-dip galvanised on request. Sales engineer Frank Schröder: “Because these are standard clamps made of steel, the components in the KS series can, in principle, have extremely large dimensions. Once, for instance, we supplied clamps for pipes with a diameter of more than one metre”. The nine construction sizes with four or five pipe supports allow flexible adaptation to a wide variety of pipes.