Borkener Kistenfabrik GmbH

Borkener Kistenfabrik expands! One million Euro to extend the stock of machinery

Borken. Borkener Kistenfabrik GmbH is aiming for yet greater flexibility, an increase in competitiveness and even faster reaction times in future: The manufacturer of steel and wood drums with high bearing capacities is to invest around one million Euro in 2010 in extending its existing stock of machinery.

Last year the company already manufactured two steel drums for the production of special winding goods each weighing 45 tons, and each able to bear a total weight of up to 450 tons. "The capacities required to produce even heavier, larger steel drums with a length of more than twelve metres will soon be available", says general manager Joachim Seibel. It can take several months to plan, calculate and produce two drums of this size: "There have been no drums of this size and bearing capacity until now. The design work in particular is a huge challenge because they need to be taken apart completely to enable cheaper transport."

The company believes that the requirements with regard to design, bearing capacity and production time will become even more stringent, especially for off-shore applications. "We're ready to meet them: We grow with the demands of our clients and optimise our internal processes accordingly." Potential customers will be able to see for themselves at the "Wire Düsseldorf" international trade fair for wire, cable, manufacture and processing, at which the company will be presenting itself from 12th to 16th April 2010.

Borkener Kistenfabrik GmbH in brief
Borkener Kistenfabrik GmbH was established in 1948. On its premises today of around 20,000 m² in size, over 6,000 m² of production space is available for the manufacture of packaging made of wood and steel. The 35 employees at Borkener Kistenfabrik supply holistic solutions to their customers from one source: From design and development through to production and dispatch. The highest manufacturing quality, customer orientation, organisation and a comprehensive product range have been associated with the name Borkener Kistenfabrik for many years now. Apart from drums for cables, ropes and belts, the company from Borken offers packaging means made of wood and steel, boxes, crates and palettes, as well as packaging made to customer specifications.