UNITUBE - Technology GmbH

First UNITUBE machine successfully delivered

As a manufacturer of machines for the processing of tube end work pieces particularly for the natural oil and gas industry, the UNITUBE Technology GmbH gained a position on the market as an independent enterprise since its establishment.

The revolutionary processing principle of the modular machine tool series „Fixed work piece processed with circulating tools “ guarantees for a high degree of productivity and manufacturing quality.

Flexibility is another essential aspect of the UNITUBE machine series. On the one hand, it addresses the size of the machine: apart from four standard sizes (200, 400, 600 and 1400 depending on the maximum tube diameter in mm) special sizes are feasible as well. On the other hand, the MWZ are fairly flexible when it comes to ways of processing. It enables for various operations to be performed such as thread and outline processing (Version G), the tapping of tube ends or sections (Version T) and the processing of welding chamfers (Version F).

Some special features of the modular machine tool series have to be emphasized here: the core element is a tool holder with individual approach (CNC) of tool slides. For each and every of the maximum six slides (X-axis) a servo motor introduces a feed movement into the rotating system of the main spindle (C-axis), where the tool holder is fixed. The latter is completely independent from the speed of the main spindle thanks to a patented drive system. The feed motor only has to be used if a tool slide is supposed to move.

A Russian tube factory has been convinced by these advantages lately.

For the processing of tube ends according to standards GOST 632-80/633-80 and API 5B/5CT with a nominal diameter between 4 ½“ (114.3 mm) and 9 5/8“ (244.5 mm), the Russian customer ordered a special size, namely die MWZ 250 G-CNC. The machine produces both external taper and thread in just one single processing step. In addition to that, outlines and seal seat connections are machinable and even the separation of tubes can be effected with this machine.

Thanks to the modular concept of the UNITUBE Technology GmbH, customer’s special requests can be processed quickly, individually and according to quality standards in the future.