Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Giesserei GmbH

Sawing and Milling Technology by MFL

Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei GmbH (MFL), Austria provides customized sawing and milling equipment for tube manufacturers all over the world.

The company’s plate and stripe edge milling machines are used for the welding seam preparation of ERW and spiral pipes, containers and the rail car construction.

Due to a number of inquiries from large-pipe manufacturers MFL decided to develop the unique welding seam processing machine RFA 24/56. The machine mills the inner and outer welding seam of large-diameter pipes over a length of 400 mm. This process offers a number of advantages compared to the common, manual grinding process.

The biggest advantage is certainly that the milling process provides a much better quality of the welding seam. The quality of the welding seam is an important criterion for the delivery of large diameter tubes to Gazprom and other important customers. In addition the complete process happens fully automatically. Grinding pencils are needless which prevents the operator from injury. The milling process does not generate swarf and sparks. The chips are totally removed by an effective suction device. The welding seam is measured by a scanning device. By a second scanning process the removed welding seam is recorded.

The welding seam processing machine RFA 24/56 is currently under production and will be delivered to a well known company in 2010.

The company’s cold circular sawing machines are used for cutting stainless steel, high and low alloyed steel, structural steel and non-ferrous metals in the form of billets, tubes, profiles and plates. The machines are equipped with carbide tipped saw blades that ensure high performance and a long service life by less costs.

The cutting machines are classified into single cut sawing machines and layer sawing machines. The single cut sawing machines are able to cut billets and single tubes with a diameter from 30 to 800 mm. The layer sawing machines are used for cutting of tubes, I- and U-beams, sheet pilings and angles. The biggest layer sawing machine is equipped with a saw blade diameter of 2200 mm and has a layer width of 1.5 m. Of course smaller layer sawing machines (starting with a layer width of 650 mm) are available too.

A new and unique invention of MFL is the saw blade with exchangeable carbide tips. The clamped carbide tips are the special feature of this novel saw blade. Common saw blades have the carbides brazed at the tooth. The carbides of the MFL saw blades are clamped into the gap between the main body and the tooth. By an easy exchange of the clamped carbide tips, invests in expensive grinding centres are needles. Also a less number of basic equipment is required because long transport times for regrinding of saw blades disappear.

Successful trials at the MFL workshop in Liezen have already been finalised and a durability test has already been started. The saw blade has been developed by MFL in cooperation with a well known Austrian manufacturer of carbide tips.

The new MFL ring splitting machine is used primarily in ring mills to separate multiple rings. The machine is equipped with a carbide tipped saw blade and cuts the ring in an interpolated process from the inside out. Production and quality can be improved considerably.

During more than 10 years of experience MFL made its name for being a competent and experience partner for sawing and milling technology and provides technical know-how combined with latest state of the art technology.

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