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New Ring Splitting Machine

MFL has increased productivity and quality substantially with its new system for cutting multiple rings in ring rolling mills.

Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei GmbH specializes in producing high power cold circular sawing pants, plate-edge and strip-edge milling machines and raill milling machines. It delivers it s products to customers across the globe. The MFL sawing machines are used for sawing stainless steel, high and low-alloyed steel, structural steel and non-ferrous metals in the form of billets, pipes, sections and plates. The customer-specific solutions are used for special applications such as pipe or section layer saws, billet or plate saws. The plants are fitted with carbide tipped circular saw blades that ensure precise high capacity at low costs and a long service life.

Plate-edge and strip-edge milling machines are used for weld seam preparation of longitudinally welded pipes in shipyards and spiral pipe mills for container and rail car construction.

Increased quality
MFL constantly develops and refines its machines. It knows that technical progress and development are important mainstays and quality factors in the production of machining systems. The latest advance is an RTA 120/1000-22 ring splitting machine used primarily in ring rolling mills to separate multiple rings. This machine can boost production and quality considerably. The maximum initial height of the multiple ring is 600 mm. It is cut into segments of 38 mm to 300 mm. The current ring diameter is 500 mm to 1200 mm. Of course the machine can also be designed to machine larger multiple rings.

Uncomplicated operational process
The work piece is inserted in the clamp of the ring splitting machine. Then it is centered and clamped fully automatically and transported on a travel carriage toward the saw blade. The clamping device positions the work piece at the desired height for the finished ring and the saw blades begins to cut the ring in an interpolated process from the inside out. This process ensures an optimum service life for the machine and top performance. The chips are disposed off in a chip container within the ring. The separated ring is held by the clamping device to prevent it from jamming the saw blade. Then the work piece is moved out of the sawing area. The laterally mounted manipulator takes the ring and swivels it into the removal position. Then the above process begins anew until the multiple ring is completely separated into the desired finished rings. The machine operates fully automatically and is fitted with a Siemens 840D control system.

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