Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Giesserei GmbH

High quality processing of large-diameter pipes

Automatic welding seam processing machine developed by MFL

Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei GmbH (MFL), Austria currently developed a unique welding seam processing machine. The machine removes the welding seam of large-diameter pipes by a fully automatic milling operation and improves the quality result considerably.

Due to a number of inquiries from large-pipe manufacturers MFL decided to develop the unique welding seam processing machine RFA 24/56.

The machine mills the inner and outer welding seam of large-diameter pipes over a length of 400 mm. This process offers a number of advantages compared to the common, manual grinding process.

The biggest advantage is certainly that the milling process provides a much better quality of the welding seam. The quality of the welding seam is an important criterion for the delivery of large diameter tubes to Gazprom and other important customers. In addition the complete process happens fully automatically. Grinding pencils are needless which prevents the operator from injury. The milling process does not generate swarf and sparks. The chips are totally removed by an effective suction device. The welding seam is measured by a scanning device. By a second scanning process the removed welding seam is recorded.

Due to the different capacity requirements of the customers MFL has developed two machine concepts. The single head solution is designed for a capacity requirement of maximum 13 tubes per hour. Both ends of the tube are processed by a 180° rotation of the machine.

The double head solution is designed for a high capacity requirement of up to 24 tubes per hour. The double machine with two milling heads processes both tube ends (one tube end per unit).

“The RFA 24/56 offers manufacturers of large-diameter pipes a new quality standard for the welding seam processing. We expect a great sale in the near future. In economically hard times modern machines using state of the art technology are most important for the industry” says Bernhard Theischinger, Division Manager of the MFL sawing and milling department.

The welding seam processing machine RFA 24/56 is currently under production and will be delivered to a well known company in 2010.

MFL, a leading manufacturer of sawing and milling equipment with more than ten years of experience, made its name for being a competent and experience partner and offers technical know-how combined with latest state of the art technology.