Cartacci's improvements

Within a continuous search activity aimed at meeting more in depth the customers’ demand and requirements, CARTACCI constantly enters important changes and improvements that affect the design of its machines.
In this logic, draw benches designed and built by CARTACCI reach the purpose to reduce the manual interventions of operators, to guarantee the higher level of productivity and security. The draw benches are partially automatic and the relative range of production of these machine has recently reached one of the highest level in the world, with the 300 tons draw bench, completely mechanical and with costs of maintenance practically nonexistent.
Again in the logic before said, also in straightening machines CARTACCI has used all his experience in producing straightening machines also for “upset” tubes, completely automated both in searching the setting both for reaching it into the machine. Operation of these straightening machines is based upon sophisticated logic and advanced technological solutions. The same type of machine reaches also the purpose to prevent from any marks on tube, during the straightening.
At last, as answer to all customer’s requests, Cartacci has also developed and realized its complete system of bundling lines: the new equipments realized till now give the possibility to make automatic package of tubes till diameter 270mm or also to package tubes with upset ends.
This new product of CARTACCI TUBE MACHINERY makes Cartacci as an important choice for customers which are requiring complete finishing lines, starting from pointing machine, passing trough drawing, straightening, cutting, controlling, chamfering and bundling.