CeramTec AG, Mechanical Applications Division

Economic advantages for wire production on the Syncro F13

Ceramic wire drawing cones and large rings

CeramTec is now offering complete wire drawing cones or large rings with a 483 mm diameter made from advanced ceramics for wire drawing on the Syncro F13 at heavily reduced prices – for significantly greater cost-effectiveness in wire manufacturing.

The increased process reliability, extended service life of the machine, and the enhanced quality of the finished wire product thanks to a gentler finishing process all make the advanced ceramic material zirconium oxide the material of choice. Refitting wire drawing machines with cones made from advanced ceramics is unproblematic.

In cooperation with customers, technical product managers optimize the manufacturing process and increase the cost-effectiveness of wire production. CeramTec has a test center available for this purpose, which can be used to determine the friction coefficient of drawing tools and wire. It also offers the possibility of working variably with various parameters such as the addition of cooling lubricants, rotation of the tool shaft, wrap angle of the wire on the drawing tool, exchangeability ease of wires and drawing tools, as well as computer-aided analysis of test results. This enables basic research to be carried out in areas of slip and friction. The test center can also be used to investigate customer-specific problems.

CeramTec has established itself as a reliable, long-standing partner to the wire manufacturing industry; the German company’s ceramic materials are standard in the production of copper and non-ferrous metal wires throughout the world. CeramTec sets the standard for technical ceramics. Continuous, application-oriented development work and process enhancements in the production of advanced ceramic components deliver solutions for ever broader and more demanding ceramic applications. The large ring for wire drawing cones with its extremely reduced price is just another example of what results from the daily work of the ceramics experts.