Pave Automation

Cost effective wire forming units from Pave at wire 2010

British manufacturer Pave Automation Ltd will exhibit a new version of its best-selling small Axis V1 wire bending unit, and will also showcase its Zukron model for cost-effective forming of long surface length wire products, and the compact single-head Huron machine.

The Axis V1 Mark 2 now incorporates Pave’s advanced new operating systems technology featuring user-friendly touch screen graphics to minimise operator training. The machine is also equipped with a new bending head offering up to eight different radii. Simple and cost effective to operate, the Axis V1 Mark 2 has a capacity of up to 6.35mm (1/4”) diameter.

Pave will also exhibit its Zukron model, which produces extremely long surface length wire products in both simple and complex three-dimensional shapes very quickly and cost effectively. Equipped with a fast, versatile 360-degree continuously rotating head, the machine can process short and long length wire products up to 8mm (3/8") in diameter. To ensure the production of highly accurate twist- and mark-free finished wire products, the Zukron incorporates Pave’s unique ‘Trueline’ front end wire stabiliser and patented straightening system. Set-up and change-over times are very fast and the Zukron’s fully automated user-friendly CNC operation ensures very economical production.

Also on show will be the Huron single head machine, which offers high output levels with reduced production costs on both short and long length products up to 12mm (1/2") diameter. Quick and easy to set up, the Huron incorporates user-friendly touch screen programming and Pave’s front end wire stabiliser unit for twist-free finished wire products.

Pave’s comprehensive range includes single- and twin-head wire forming centres for a wide variety of applications. All Pave’s machines are designed and manufactured in-house to stringent quality standards at the company’s modern production facility in England.