Schuster Maschinenbau GmbH

Unique world-wide patented separating system

With the unique world-wide patented 7G Impulser, Schuster sets the standard in the field of separation of solid materials, tubing and profiled materials from coils to bars up to a cross-section of 7,850 square millimetres.
After separation with sound waves, the components can be finished with the Schuster end facing, turning and milling machines to produce ready-to-install components. Reconciling economy and ecology, the environmentally friendly 7G Impulser high-speed technology uses neither lubricants nor coolants and does not produce dirt.

Impact cutting of bars, coils and profild material with round, rectangular or profild cross section up to 3.15 square inch in cycles of seconds

Workpieces without burrs
Separation without sawing waste
Clean and dry workpieces
Fastest cycle times of 1.2 seconds
Precise dimensional and volumetric accuracy