UPCAST® incorporates GREENerCAST features

UPCAST® is in itself a green technology. Just electricity, compressed air and cooling water are needed to run the process. No harmful emissions are released. This doesn’t however mean that it couldn’t get any greener. With the direct environmental effects practically nil UPCAST OY has concentrated on the indirect ones, especially energy consumption. Energy consumption having also an obvious economical dimension means that we are actually ‘killing two flies with one blow’.

New developments with such twin acting characteristics have been labeled GREENerCAST- technology. Among the latest in this category are:

1. Better refractory materials reducing heat losses.
2. Fast switching power transistors (FSPT) lowering energy consumption.
3. Double loop inductors with special channel design enhancing heat and mass flows plus reducing cooling needs for the inductor.

A fine example of an UPCAST® line incorporating all above mentioned GREENerCAST features is the unit started up last year by Vatan Kablo A.S. in Turkey. The casting line is a double-furnace unit with a production capacity of 24,000TPA satisfying the total need of 8mm copper rod feedstock for this esteemed Turkish cable producer.