Abbey International (USA), respected worldwide for its extensive range of tube and pipe mill equipment, has received two large orders for complete Tube Mills from China and the United States. The Chinese based company will produce high strength API Pipe utilizing Abbey International’s patented forming processes for high strength material applications. The USA based company will also be
producing high strength API Pipe and will be taking advantage of Abbey’s patented CCT Quick Change System allowing them to change tube sizes with a simple touch of a button. Abbey was awarded both contracts for its ability to merge state-of-the-art operating features with robust functional equipment. Additionally, Abbey International has recently shipped and installed two complete Tube Mills in China and the U.S. The Mill in China is a 3.5” OD Coiled Tubing Mill using heavy wall and high strength materials. For this mill, the tube is coiled onto large spools. Abbey’s worldwide experience with this particular type of mill led to an early start-up of this equipment and record production levels. The Mill the U.S. is a 5” Mill that also produces shapes. This Mill incorporates many patented Abbey Quick Change features making it possible for the company to meet the fast delivery demands of its customers. With its impressive resume of installations around the world, its long history as a respected leader in the industry, and its commitment to providing technologically advanced, cutting-edge solutions in tube & pipe, Abbey International is set to take the
momentum gained in 2009 into the next decade. About Abbey International, LTD Abbey International is a leading designer and builder of Electric Resistance Weld (ERW) tube and pipe mills and related products, continuing Abbey Etna Machine Company’s long history in this industry. Founded in 1901, Abbey International is renowned for having built Mills with both the highest and lowest diameter to thickness ratios in the industry (from 3/16” to 36” OD and up to 1” wall thickness). Abbey’s
technical leadership in the industry gives its customers the productive edge they need in today’s tube and
pipe marketplace.
Through partnership with Bronx Taylor-Wilson, the premier builder of finishing equipment, Abbey
International offers first class equipment at competitive prices. Abbey provides broad solutions for pipeand tube manufacturing including complete turn-key processes as well as individual machines.