EDER Engineering GmbH/Ltd.

EDER Engineering at WIRE 2010

VDSU device


In its 63rd year of existance, the still family owned EDER Engineering GmbH
will exhibit traditionally in hall 10, holding Stands 10A40-01 and 02, located
in the Austrian Pavilion.

EDER Engineering Austria has more than 60 years' specialist experience
and exports 98% of its output. The company is a technological leader and global
player in the wire drawing die tool and drawing die processing technology sector
(hardware & software) and supplies its products (80 % die-tool processing machines –
15% die-tools – 5% software) directly and via its network of international
representations to the international wire and cable industry worldwide.

Disposing of the presently largest available portfolio of leading high tech die-tool
working machines, e.g. the unique USP-TWIN ultrasonic machine ( photo enclosed),
EDER-Austria also have recently developed various die-workshop ancillary devices
which will contribute to release the difficult job of reconditioning dies additionally.

The following of these ancillary devices will be displayed at the EDER-Stand aside
of the main die working equipment line:

1. VDSU- Vacuum Drawing Die Suction Unit:

This ancillary die-workshop device has been developed to clean die-bores from
severe liquid dirt, such as drawing emulsions and other liquid working materials
etc. by means of an integrated powerful suction pump system.

2. DEZ 2/080- Wire Pulling Device for Drawing of Measuring

Electrically activated wire pulling device for drawing of measuring wires for diameter control
of drawing dies with round bores, by means of subsequent wire diameter measurement.
This auxiliary die-workshop unit has been designed to easen the pulling/drawing through
of measuring wires in wire drawing dies of between about 0.10 up to 4.00 mm diameter.
(larger Ø-ranges possible).
(photo enclosed).

3. ZTE- Wire Pulling and Elongation Measuring Device:

Electrically activated wire pulling device for introduction-drawing of wires and measuring
of elongations for a relevant controlling of drawing die sets with round bores.

The team of EDER Engineering-Austria and their international representatives
are looking forward to welcome many of their regular and new customers at the
large EDER-Stand in hall 10.