Keeping Cool when Measurements Get Hot: LSV-1000 Measures Length and Speed even under Harsh Conditions

A new, comprehensive line of accessories enhances Polytec’s industrial length and speed measurement systems. With the help of the new options, the LSV-1000 Compact Laser Surface Velocimeter can function in many different industrial environments ranging from dust-filled factories to high-temperature steel mills.
A new cooling plate, an air wipe with quick exchange window and a cooled protective housing with a projecting tube/air wipe accessory (see photo) for extreme operation conditions, minimize the environmental impact from heat, dust and vapor on the sensor head and optics. Various mounting and adjustment platforms as well as adapter plates and angular adapters are available for application-specific mounting and precise alignment to the object under test. To integrate the LSV-1000 into a radiometric gauge for mass-flow control, a special C-frame accessory kit provides all necessary components.
Please contact your Polytec sales/application engineer to find the best solution for your individual length or speed measurement task.