Prüftechnik NDT GmbH

PRÜFTECHNIK NDT rotating systems: reliable eddy current sensors for tube products

PRÜFTECHNIK NDT rotating systems
For the detection of longitudinal defects in seamless tubing, on bars or wire we offer a range of rotating sytems: RS35HS for diameters of 3–35 mm, RS65 for diameters of 5–65 mm, and RS130 for diameters of 20–130 mm. Rotating systems are used for testing during continuous production with or without cut-off (e.g. drawing line), and testing of cut pieces (offline). Eddy current probes rotate around the test piece, scanning it in a helical pattern. Every time a probe crosses a crack, it generates a defect signal. Thus, the rotating system generates a great number of consecutive signals that reliably identify the defect as a crack of some length. Rotating systems run at rotational speeds of up to 12000 rpm and provide 100% testing for a minimum detectable notch depth of 50 µm (depending on surface quality) at high line speeds.

As a renowned specialist of eddy current inspection systems for the semi-finished products industry with over 35 years of experience, PRÜFTECHNIK NDT provides the industry with a wide portfolio of testing equipment for reliable quality control. EDDYCHEK® and NOVAFLUX® test equipment is used in a wide variety of different production areas, for process monitoring and for the final inspection of tubes, bars and wire. Eddy current testing meets an extensive range of international standards including: ASTM, API, BS, JIS, ETTC, ENEL, DIN, SEP, etc.