Prüftechnik NDT GmbH

EDDYCHEK® 5: State-of-the-art eddy current tester for tube products

EDDYCHEK 5 advanced eddy current tester
PRÜFTECHNIK NDT's best selling touchscreen operated eddy current tester EDDYCHEK® 5 advanced offers fast and accurate detection of defects in all types of ferrous, non-ferrous or austenitic metal tubes, including welded, seamless and compound tubing with round or non-round profiles. The EDDYCHEK® 5 features userfriendly menu guided software with help and support available in many languages. It can be readily integrated into existing company networks and incorporated in central production control systems. Test results can be saved either on the EDDYCHEK® 5 itself or on any PC or server. PRÜFTECHNIK provides a variety of sensors and transducers in many different shapes and sizes, magnetization and demagnetization units, encoders and markers, and even entire turnkey conveyor systems.

As a renowned specialist of eddy current inspection systems for the semi-finished products industry with over 35 years of experience, PRÜFTECHNIK NDT provides the industry with a wide portfolio of testing equipment for reliable quality control. EDDYCHEK® and NOVAFLUX® test equipment is used in a wide variety of different production areas, for process monitoring and for the final inspection of tubes, bars and wire. Eddy current testing meets an extensive range of international standards including: ASTM, API, BS, JIS, ETTC, ENEL, DIN, SEP, etc.