InnoVites and Crypsis develop innovative software to reduce material costs

InnoVites B.V. announces that it has contracted Crypsis to co-develop innovative technology that allows InnoVites’ customers to reduce material costs. Crypsis applies state-of-the-art optimization technology to determine the optimal cutting plans in cable manufacturing and distribution operations. InnoVites integrates this technology in its ERP business software, helping its customers to minimize scrap and handling costs, while maintaining highest delivery performance.
InnoVites B.V. (, a software development company, with offices in India and The Netherlands announces today that it has entered into an agreement with Crypsis to add advanced optimization capabilities to its ERP business software for wire and cable companies.
This innovative software solution will help InnoVites customers to minimize material costs. The optimization software will be fully integrated in the existing ERP business software from InnoVites. This new feature will create optimal cutting plans, while minimizing the costs of scrap.
Albert Groothedde, CEO at InnoVites, comments: “The wire&cable industry is very sensitive to material usage. Over 80% of the cost price of a cable is determined by just material costs. That’s why we are excited to offer our customers this innovative solution. We believe it has direct impact on the bottom line of the operations of our customers.”.
Tarun Jain, Director at Crypsis, adds: “We went through a very interesting process of gathering deep understanding of the business needs in the wire&cable industry. It's very satisfying to see that we can create value for these companies using the latest available optimization technologies.