Termomacchine operate in the following machinery sectors also

Brazing and hot shrink fit assembly systems

Brazing Water-heater resistors
Fittings for water pipes and exchangers
Gas distribution pipes for kitchens
Electric contacts

Hot assembly Rotors for electrical motors
Casings for electrical motors
Shafts and joints
Start crown wheel
Components rear axles for trucks

Vertical and horizontal shaft hardening machinery

Camshaft hardening machinery

Valve hardening and rocker arm pins machinery

Hardening systems Miscellaneous
Shock-absorber shafts
Guides for linear bearings
Epicyclical gears
Blades for wood and metals
Friction pusher disk springs
Details for speed gear
Ball pins
Benches for machine tools
Chain hardening and tempering
Blades for the food industry
Drilling tools

Resin precuring systems applied onto car chassis parts

Systems for bonding of longitudinal overlap seam on fibre optic cables

Systems for preheating of energy cable strands

Preheating systems for insulated copper telephone cable cores to permit single-pass full petroleum jelly filling

Inductor manufacturing

High and medium frequency transformers

Retrofit of induction systems of other manufacturers

Design of custom-built fixtures interlocking heating systems