LPC Lange Project Consulting GmbH

Your reliable partner for import & export ...

We cooperate at this narrowly with our customers to correspond to the requests and the technical requirements of rules full extensively. As described in other place, we got the required approval according to KTA 1401.

Our long-standing customers particularly estimate to us our appointment faithfulness and our price consciousness.
Our business office is located in the
NEWPORT Building
Konsul-Smidt-Str. 8L
D-28217 Bremen

Since 1993 our company is well known for best performances in the production of flanges and forgings, made from carbon steel and stainless steel.
Our special competence are in the range of product and market knowledge.

Besides the production in Asia and import and export of flanges and forgings is one of our main activity emphases. We manufacture and supply workable quantities to wholesale dealers and industrial big consumers. The lot size for carbon steel should be at least 18 tons, for stainless steel a range of at least 3.5 tons is requested.

A further emphasis is the manufacturing from designed special parts, for example special ball valves for the need of nuclear power stations.