Haven Manufacturing Corp.

Haventrak Flying Shear Cutoff

Haven Manufacturing introduces an exciting addition to our tube cutting product line…the Haventrak™ Flying Shear.

The Haventrak™ utilizes the speed and precision of our “Dual-Blade Shear” Cut-Off Head combined with a “UTRAK™” Length Control System to deliver accurate, high quality, dimple free cuts on the fly. This innovative approach will provide improved production rates with increased accuracy at up to 250 FPM.

Haven Manufacturing, Brunswick, GA has gained worldwide acceptance by producing high quality cuts on a variety of tubular shapes and materials utilizing the dual-blade shearing method. Universal Controls Group, Perrysburg, OH developed the Utrak™ Length Control System blending Hi tech electronics and simple mechanics to provide an accurate yet rugged solution to length control needs.

Haventrak™ integrates two of the most recognized names and know-how in the tube cutting industry to give you improved quality and accuracy. The Haventrak™ is definitely a system you will want to look at more closely. For more information go to or