Violi Srl


Violi Srl is a leading company specialized in the design and production of industrial machinery dedicated to the manufacturing of tubes, bars and wires, typically used in the processes of drawing, winding, straightening and cutting.
Top of the products is surely the TRI series, a full range of hydraulic equipments for the drawing of tubes or rods with circular cross section or complex profile, capable to ensure very high quality standards. Technologically advanced thanks to the use of prime selected components and innovative design solutions covered by patent, the TRI draw benches are fully PLC controlled for both working phases and safety protection; the truck carries pliers is perfectly aligned with the hole of the drawn in order to eliminate any formation of bending effects on the metal structure. The speed of the traction is adjustable and the use of the bench is extremely simple by the use of a joystick placed on the control panel which allows the operator to manage all the steps of the process easily. The replacement of the jaws is very simple and is done through a system of fast anchorage. TRI have a very compact design with a total length of about 1.5/1,8 meters more then the useful working draft and may be equipped with an opposite bench for the use of anchored spindles.
Violi Srl also produces a line of chain draw benches called TR Series, designed to process bars and tubes with a maximum diameter of 12 mm. The anchor pliers, with adjustable jaws, is provided with a locking system manually managed by the operator; the return of the draw lift is electrically controlled. The working speed can be fixed to one or two levels, or adjustable by inverter.
The range of products is completed by a number of subsidiary equipment such as tapering machines APT series for pipes and bars or AP series for wires, manual or automatic spindles unlocking systems and a compact kit for hydraulic drawing named KTF10, an extremely compact device for the production of half-processed pipes or rods ready to be finished.
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