Mair Research S.p.A.

Dong Bei special steel – Finishing lines

Dong Bei Special Steel awarded to Mair Research an order for the supply of four bar inspection and conditioning lines to process bars of engineering steels and stainless steel.
Two lines will process bars from 13 up to 40 mm dia and the other two lines will be up to 60 mm dia, the bar lengths will be from 4 m up to 12 m.
The main supply will consist in four 2-rolls straightening machines, Mair RMS2-40 and RMS2-60, four chamfering stations and three shot blasting machines.
Mair’s straightening machines are more and more recognized by the worldwide market as the most updated machines of this type. Heavy and sturdy construction, patented design of roll regulation system, together with the simplified and optimized design reduce the line set-up time and minimize required maintenance.
The supply is completed with the engineering for the handling system and by the full automation of the complete line. Automation system is developed inside Mair Research in order to fully exploit Mair know how in these type of lines.
The delivery of the machine is expected to be in spring 2010 and the full operation of the lines within summer 2010.