Mair Research S.p.A.

Successful commissioning of Acindar bar inspection line.

Mair successfully commissioned the bar inspection line ordered by Acindar (Arcelor Mittal –Argentina) in outstanding 14 months from order date.
The line was awarded to Mair Research S.p.A. in Summer 2008 for the processing of hot rolled round bars of engineering steel from 16 up to 90 mm dia, and 5 to 12 m long.
The complete line has been manufactured and tested in hot conditions in Mair workshops and mainly it includes the following processing phases.
Bars are charged in bundles by overhead crane, the loading table has three bundle capacity. An automatic unscrambling unit with singling out device will grant the continuous material feeding into the two roll straightening machine.
The straightening machine installed is the model RMS-2 100 with fully automatic control and set-up in order to guarantee a material straightness better than 1 mm/m.
After the straightening process bar ends are cut thanks to automatic multi-head cutting station MC160 then all bars are processed in a high productivity chamfering station with a capacity up to 20 bar/min.
NDT system will check bar internal and surface defects and will separate prime bars from defective ones. Prime bars will be stacked by Mair BTR100 lance stacking machine, strapped, weighed and transferred on a bundle collecting bench while the defective bars could be repaired in a manual conditioning area and than collected to the final bundles or definitively rejected.