European Tubes Limited

European Tubes Ltd.

A Wigan steel tubing company has seen its overseas sales grow by more than 2,600% in just one year.
European Tubes spent £3,000 internationalising its website, and saw export turnover balloon to £600,000 – all of it new business.
The firm is the largest independent steel tube stockholder in the UK and its products are used to make a variety of machines, from newspaper printing presses to kit cars. Its 5,000 sq metre warehouse on the Pagefield Industrial Estate contains more than 2,500 tonnes of carbon steel seemless tubing sourced wholesale from manufacturers across the globe.

But the company is now retailing that stock back to the world, it has clients as far away as South Korea and New Zealand taking advantage of its range of stock and willingness to meet even small orders without an extra charge.

Back in 2005 the company received just one overseas job worth £900, in 2006 its export turnover had risen to £2,000, and in 2007 it saw that figure rise to £23,000.

We respond to enquiries straight away and provide quotes for everything that comes in from overseas, even following up enquiries with phone calls and emails to see how our prices look to the client.Our website is now available in German, French, Spanish and English.
The updated website prominently carries the European Flag, already part of the company’s logo, and went live in September last year. In that time it has had 7,300 hits from 98 countries, received enquiries from 38 nations and orders from 11.