PolyOne Promotes Alternative Energy with New Technology for Solar Panel Cables

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CLEVELAND – April 16, 2009 – PolyOne Corporation (NYSE: POL), a premier provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions, recently announced the newest addition to its portfolio of sustainable solutions, ECCOH™ Low Smoke and Fume, Zero Halogen (LSFOH) compounds for cables used in photovoltaic solar cells. To produce solar energy, these cells are assembled into panels that convert sunlight directly into electricity.

“Photovoltaic installations are growing worldwide by about 30 percent annually. In many cases, growth is fostered by government subsidies and tax incentives. Responding to the market demand for solar panels, the new materials also illustrate PolyOne’s commitment to sustainable technologies and specialized solutions geared toward helping customers win today and tomorrow,” said Murielle Chuzeville, PolyOne’s LSFOH general manager.

Solar photovoltaic technology requires specific cabling systems with zero halogen, flame-retardant insulation and sheathing layers. The outer jacket must also be resistant to moisture, sunlight, heat, chemicals and abrasion. While specifications for these cables vary by region, PolyOne’s ECCOH 5943 complies with TÜV 2 Pfg 1169/08.2007 (Europe), and ECCOH 5944 meets UL4703 compliance standards (North America, Asia).

With these new compounds, cable producers can overcome several drawbacks common with previous products while offering a fully compliant solution. ECCOH materials, unlike TPU and TPV-based cable compounds, can be used for both internal (insulation) and external (sheathing) layers in cable applications, allowing solar cable producers to choose a single material. In addition, ECCOH 5943 and 5944 offer a choice of crosslinking, either by dry silane or e-beam. This creates an economical alternative for producers that find e-beam costs to be prohibitive.

Further, ECCOH low smoke and fume, non-halogenated, flame retardant materials offer:
 Operating temperature from -40°C up to 120°C
 Good flexibility and flex crack resistance
 Weathering resistance up to 20 years (includes resistance to moisture, UV, heat, chemicals, and abrasion)

ECCOH products are highly flame retardant, non-corrosive, offer low toxicity and smoke density, and are classified as PolyOne Sustainable Solutions. PolyOne markets and provides technical support to solar cable producers implementing ECCOH products throughout the world.

PolyOne can also supply a full package solution, including dry silane for easy crosslinking, OnColor™ color masterbatch (black, blue and red), and Smartbatch™ (color and UV additives).

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