Italian enterprise CARTACCI Srl

The rich-in-tradition Italian enterprise CARTACCI Srl is one of handful of companies that can offer their customers complete cold-drawing and straightening machine lines as well as a wide choice of handling systems for the production of tubes. Synonymous with quality and precision, with more than 500 systems of draw benches and straightening equipments installed in all over the world from 1967 up to today, CARTACCI as reliable partner, keeps abreast of the worldwide tube producers.
With 40years of experience and expertise in the tube machine industry, CARTACCI is uniquely positioned to meet the expectations of the automotive, metal processing, chemical, energetic, boiler works, and oil and gas industries. The portfolio encompasses a wide choice of versatile straightening machines with automatic setting; highly efficient drawing benches, and indispensable auxiliary equipment such as handling, bundling and finishing lines for tubes and bars.
The tube cold-drawing benches and straightening machines designed and manufactured by CARTACCI are a guarantor for increased productivity and security. This is mainly achieved through reduced operator intervention and entirely computer-based working system. Another important feature of CARTACCI is to build systems with reduced maintenance costs.
CARTACCI also owes much of its outstanding reputation and market position to the development, manufacture of equipment not based on standards, but customized on the specific requirements of each manufacturer.
CARTACCI’s machines offer quality and precision, customised features, and an affordability that have distinguished company from its competitors.