Reducing and sizing block for China

Part of this modernization is the conversion of the existing combined 300,000t/a wire rod and bar mill into a pure bar mill. Kocks will supply a 3-roll Reducing & Sizing Block [RSB] including accessory equipment. The 4-stand 370mm RSB will come into operation as a finishing block behind stand No. 18. The 3-roll block will produce all finished dimensions within the range of 13 to 60mm diameter onto the cooling bed. In the future the next extension stage will also include the production of bar in coils from 13 to 50mm diameter.

The Reducing & Sizing Block significantly reduces the required number of pre-sections in the upstream mill and thus allows the operation of the complete mill in a simple way using a one pass family. In addition the block including the respective pass design provides the prerequisite for thermo-mechanical rolling, which is state-of-the-art for modern bar mills.

An extended “free-size” range of up to ± 1.5mm from the nominal size allows rolling of a variety of sizes with tightest tolerances only by adjusting stands and guides by remote control. The adjustment is done automatically during a billet gap within max. 1 minute. Whenever the finished dimensions exceed the “free-size” range the quick stand changing system allows to change stands in less than five minutes. Therefore, any size can be rolled without any restrictions with regard to availability of the complete mill by using a minimum number of roll sets and stand changes.