Reifenhäuser EXTRUSION GmbH & Co.KG

Reifenhäuser will show improved products at WIRE / TUBE 2008 in Düsseldorf Hall 9 - Stand F 54

REItorque extruder RH 301-1-50-25 D

Reifenhäuser will inform on new developments offering customers innovative benefit in the area of extrusion equipment for wire, cable and steel pipe sheathing.

Reifenhäuser’s main focus at WIRE / TUBE 2008 will be on the presentation of its consistently further developed extruders provided with the gearless REItorque direct drive technology. The extruders used here are of the successful single-screw design with screw diameters ranging from 25 to 90mm and L/D ratios of 25 and 30.
Reduced maintenance requirements and a higher efficiency are only some of the advantages of the direct drive technology.

The protective surface coating of the plasticising unit has also been optimized by continual further development. Especially the abrasion resistance of the extruder screws against chlorine could be significantly increased thanks to new surface coating processes.

In addition, changes in raw material recipes have been taken into account by constant optimization of the Reifenhäuser extruders. Sophisticated screw geometries allow an optimal production of cable sheathings. Raw materials, such as rigid and plasticised PVC, metallocenes, PP, PE, TPE, PUR and PA, can now be processed more economically without the necessity for a costly, time-consuming screw change.

Reifenhäuser offers extrusion dies and extruders for steel pipe sheathing using the crosshead extrusion method up to 21 inch and the side extrusion method up to 1200 mm, depending on the pipe diameter. The cover layers are produced by means of extruders equipped with screws from 120mm to 250mm diameter.

Reifenhäuser extruders and extrusion dies can produce plastic pipes from polyolefins in outer diameters from 10 to 2000 mm. A broad range of spiral mandrel melt distributors adapted to the new high-performance raw materials is available for extrusion of single- and multi-layer pipes.