Koike Europe B.V.

Save money and improve quality with Koike cutting and welding machines

Better quality, less production time and saving money; with the Koike semi-automated welding and cutting machines it is possible.

Automation of welding and cutting not only improves quality and production time. It saves money in measurable ways that are very often overlooked, like reducing clean up time, production improvement and saving material. Koike’s portable welding and cutting machines are used by a wide range of customers, from one man mobile welding businesses to large shipyards with hundreds of welders and cutters.

Semi-automated cutting is often used to cut plate or pipe to size, add holes, shape cut and to prepare joints for welding. A wide range of benefits are attributed to high quality cuts before assembly, machining or before performing a weld.

Some of our current customers often find many unexpected benefits to semi-automated welding with a Koike portable machine. They are initially looking to improve quality and productivity and overlook the cost savings that can amount to thousands of euros every month. Essentially by taking the welding gun out of the welders hand and mounting it on a welding carriage you have exact control over many of the essential variables in the welding process.