O.M.A S.r.l.


O.M.A. won’t miss the appointment with the great world leaders in technology for the wire & cable industry.
O.M.A. develops its business all over the world with high quality products and a total customers’ satisfaction policy, exporting more than 80% of its products around the world.
Three subsidiaries of O.M.A. srl help the Italian Headquarter in assisting the worldwide customers, O.M.A. USA for North American Area, O.M.A. UK for Northern Europe and O.M.A. CHINA for China and Eastern Market.
As leaders in the braiding innovation, O.M.A. is taking part in this great event with all its staff, who will guide you through the latest developments in the wire braiding technology.
At Wire Düsseldorf 2008 O.M.A. will show you in particular: the New Braiding Machine Type 24/1-170 M/EC, with the New OMA bobbin type 170 M (Dia. 75 x 176 mm), ideal for braiding a wide variety of wire and textile products, for round, tubular or flat braid.The 170 braiders will be available with a wide number of carriers: from 3 to 120..
This new braider size represents the best compromise between the braiders type 140 and 190 in terms of speed and carrier capacity, allowing high production rates, low number of bobbin changes and reduced machine downtime.
O.M.A. will also display the Braiding Machine Type 16/104 HCM/C, designed to satisfy each customer’s needs in terms of flexibility, reliability and speed. Its main applications are: Wire and Cable, such as coaxial, antenna, computer, etc. , Shielding of Wire and Cables,Catheters and Medical Products, Small Reinforced Products, Glass and Composite Fibers Products.

Finally, O.M.A. will present the New Carrier type 140FT/R on a 16/1-140 FT/EC Braiding machine, ideal combination for aramid and polyester yarn for thermoplastic and rubber hoses reinforcement