O.M.A S.r.l.

O.M.A. S.R.L. - WIRE & TUBE IN DUSSELDORF hall 10 booth A17

With its 50-year experience, O.M.A. S.r.l. is surely the most competent manufacturer of braiding and winding machines both in the textile and in the wire field.

The wide range of braiding machines includes several models which can be easily customized according to each customer specific project: vertical or horizontal axis, single or multiple deck, with capstan or haul-off, with mechanical or electronic control.
Many sizes of carriers and horngears make O.M.A.’s machines very flexible and suitable to many different applications in the hose, wire/cable and textile field.

O.M.A. is strongly present in the automotive, hydraulics, aerospace and oil/gas markets by supplying innovative solutions for the production of low, medium and high pressure hoses, rubber, PTFE, silicone and thermoplastic hoses, stainless steel hoses.
Umbilical systems, high and low pressure hydraulic hoses, brake and power steering hoses represent the most common applications in the hose sector.

O.M.A. ‘s top-quality braiders are also an indisputable point of reference in the wire&cable industry: coaxial, antenna, computer and communication cables, cables for the marine, submarine and geological sectors are only some of the numerous applications realized.

Furthermore, in the textile field the machines are able to produce a lot of tubular, flat and round braided articles with small/medium diameter, as well as catheters and medical braids, glass and composite fibres’ products.

O.M.A. supplies complete lines for the braiding industry including bobbin winding machines, pay-off creels, taping machines, take-up and pay-off units and yarn/wire spiral winders.
The frequent technical meetings and trials sessions organised by O.M.A. in cooperation with its customers and partners in U.K., USA, China and India, enable to continuously improve the quality and flexibility of O.M.A.’s equipment, for satisfying the most ambitious plans.

At Wire Dusseldorf 2008, O.M.A. will provide full information on its wide range of machinery, share your ideas and discuss of any new products or development you may be working on.

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